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The topic and lexical area of this lesson is business and
In the first half, the focus is on honesty (or dishonesty)
in advertising. Sts read an article about four famous
misleading advertisements and then listen to a radio
programme about how companies try to trick us through
the use of misleading advertisements. This leads to the
grammar, which is on clauses of contrast after expressions
like Even though . .. ,In spite of .. , etc. and clauses of purpose
or reason after expressions like so that … , in order to … , etc.
The honesty link is continued in the second half of the
lesson where Sts read and listen to an extract from the
best-selling book Freakonomics about a man who set up a
business selling bagels in companies and unintentionally
designed an interesting test of honesty. This is followed
by a Mini Grammar focus on whatever, wherever, etc.
In Vocabulary, Sts look at words and phrases related to
business, and there is a pronunciation focus on how stress
changes in words like export, which can be used both as
nouns and verbs. Sts then talk about business in their
country before finally listening to the song, The Truth.

9A Reading 1c

9A 5.2 Listening

9A 5.3 Grammar

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9A Reading 4b

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9A 5.10 Pronunciation

9A Mini Grammar

The context of this lesson is big cities.
In the first half of the lesson, Sts read about Tokyo and
Mexico City, which are two of the big cities that journalist
Andrew Marr visited as part of the BBC documentary
series MeBacities. There is then a vocabulary focus on word
building with prefixes and suffixes, and the pronunciation
focus is on word stress.
In the second half, Sts listen to a British travel writer for
the Lonely Planet guidebook series who talks about his
five favourite cities and his personal connection with each.
Sts then talk about which of the places mentioned they
would like to visit, and their favourite and least favourite
cities. This is followed by the grammar focus, where Sts
extend their knowledge of uncountable nouns (e.g. luaaaae,
Jurnitu1’e, etc.) and plural nouns (e.g. news, politics). The
lesson ends with Sts writing a report.

9B Reading – pg 88

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