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The topic is science.
G quantifiers: all, every, both, etc.
V science
P stress in word families
In the first half of the lesson, Sts give their opinion as to
whether some well-known scientific ‘facts’ are true or
whether they are myths. Then they listen to an expert
to find out. The vocabulary focus is on words related to
science, and pronunciation deals with changing stress in
word families (e.g. science, scientist, scientific). The first half
ends with Sts interviewing each other about science-related
In the second half of the lesson, Sts read about four scientists
who suffered in order to make their discoveries. Then the
Grammar – revision and extension of the use of a variety of
quantifiers – is presented through sentences about the four
scientists and later practised in a science quiz.

10A 5.27 Listening

10A 5.28 Pronunciation

10A 5.29 Pronunciation

10A Reading

10A 5.30 Vocabulary

10A 5.31 Grammar Bank

10A 5.32 Grammar Bank

10A 5.33 Grammar Bank

10A 5.34 Grammar

The topic of this final lesson is public speaking.
In the first half, Sts listen to several famous historical
speeches. They begin by listening to a programme about
the controversy surrounding Neil Armstrong’s famous
words when he stepped on the moon (Did he make a
mistake by omitting an indefinite article?). This leads into
the Grammar, where Sts revise and extend their knowledge
of use and non-use of the definite and indefinite articles.
They then read extracts from four famous speeches, and
listen to the original recordings of three of them and an
actress giving Emmeline Pankhurst’s speech.
In the second half of the lesson, Sts hear people talking
about disasters that have happened to them when speaking
in public and read and discuss tips for giving a good
presentation. The vocabulary focus is on word pairs, e.g.
ladies and Bentlemen, now and then, and in Pronunciation
Sts learn how pausing in the right places and stressing
sentences correctly will make them much easier to
understand if they are giving a presentation in English.
They then have the opportunity to give a short presentation
to the class. The lesson ends with the song World.

10B 5.35 Grammar

10B 5.36 Grammar

10B 5.37 Grammar Bank

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10B 5.40 Reading

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Irregular Verbs 5.46

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