In this lesson, Sts revise the three narrative tenses they
already know (past simple, past continuous, and past
perfect) and learn a new one, the past perfect continuous.
The topic is air travel.
In the first half of the lesson, Sts listen to some in-flight
announcements and Vocabulary focusses on words related
to air travel. Sts then read an extract from a best-selling
book called Air Babylon, which claims to give the inside
story about what really happens at airports and on flights.
They also learn, in Mini Grammar, how to use so/ such … that.
Finally, they do a speaking activity on aspects of air travel.
In the second half, Sts listen to an interview with a pilot and
an air traffic controller, who answer some of the questions
air travellers ask themselves when they board a plane.
This is followed by grammar on narrative tenses and the
pronunciation of tricky irregular past verb forms. In the
speaking activity, Sts read and re-tell a couple of real stories
about flying and then tell each other an anecdote. The final
activity is the song, The Afrplane SonB.

3A 2.2 Vocabulary

3A 2.3 Vocabulary Bank

2 READING – pg 24

3A 2.4 Vocabulary Bank

3A 2.5 Vocabulary Bank

3A 2.6 Vocabulary Bank

3A 2.7 Listening

3A 2.8 Grammar Bank

3A 2.9 Grammar Bank

3A 2.10 Pronunciation

3A 2.11 Pronunciation

2.12 SONG The Airplane Song

3A Mini Grammar – pg 25

The topic of this lesson is stories and reading.
The lesson starts with a grammar focus on adverbs and
adverbial phrases, and their position in sentences, which
is presented through four SO-word stories with a twist.
This is followed by a vocabulary focus on certain pairs of
adverbs which are often confused, and in Pronunciation the
focus is on word stress and emphatic intonation on certain
adverbs. Sts then write their own SO-word stories, and go
to the Writing Bank to prepare for writing longer stories.
In the second half of the lesson, Sts begin by talking about
their reading habits, or about why they don’t read for
pleasure. They then read and listen to an American short
story by Nancy Pickard. The ending of the story is on the
audio, in order to create more suspense.

3B 2.13 Grammar Bank

3B 2.14 Grammar

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3B 2.17 Pronunciation

3B 2.18 Pronunciation

3B 2.19 Listening

3B 2.20 Listening

3B 2.21 Listening

3B 2.22 Listening