In this lesson, Sts revise and extend their knowledge of the
present perfect simple and continuous. These verb forms
can be problematic for many Sts because of L 1 interference.
The lesson topic is illness and injury.
The first half of the lesson starts with a quiz on first aid –
the Sts’ own knowledge is tested and discussed. Sts then
expand their vocabulary of medical words to describe
symptoms, illnesses, and treatment. The pronunciation
focus is on consonant and vowel sounds, and word stress.
This is followed by a grammar focus on the present simple
and continuous, which is then further practised in the
Writing Bank where Sts write an informal email explaining
to a friend why they haven’t been well and saying what they
have been doing recently.
In the second half of the lesson, Sts read an article from
The Sunday Times on cyberchondriacs, and focus on topic
sentences and medical vocabulary. Then they listen to a
radio interview with a doctor talking about cyberchondria
and finally Sts give their own opinion on the topic. The
lesson finishes with the song, Just Like a Pill.

2A 1.29 Vocabulary Bank

2A 1.30 Vocabulary Bank

2A 1.31 Vocabulary Bank

2A 1.32 Vocabulary Bank

2A 1.33 Pronunciation

2A 1.34 Pronunciation

2A 1.35 Grammar

2A 1.37 Grammar Bank

2A 1.38 Grammar Bank

2A 1.39 Grammar Bank

2A 1.40 Vocabulary

2A 1.41 Listening

1.42 SONG Just Like a Pill

2A Reading – pg 16

In this lesson, Sts extend their knowledge of how to use
adjectives. They learn to use nationality adjectives as nouns
when they talk about the people from a particular country
(e.g. The British, the French) or a particular group of people
(e.g. the rich, the unemployed), and they also focus on
adjective order when two or more are used to describe a
The lesson begins with a speaking activity on adjectives
commonly used to describe teenagers and elderly people.
Sts then read an article from The Times about two
journalists who disguised themselves as people more than
twice their age to discover what it was like to be old. The
first half of the lesson ends with the grammar focus on
adjectives and a speaking activity.
The second half starts with a listening task on whether men
and women should dress their age. The lexical focus in the
lesson is on clothes and fashion, and Pronunciation looks at
short and long vowel sounds and diphthongs. In Speaking,
Sts work in groups, giving their opinion on clothes and
fashion. Finally, the lesson ends with a writing task, where
Sts write two ads selling items of clothing.

2B 1.43 Grammar Bank

2B 1.44 Grammar Bank

2B 1.45 Listening

2B 1.46 Vocabulary Bank

2B 1.47 Vocabulary Bank

2B 1.48 Vocabulary Bank

2B 1.49 Vocabulary Bank

2B 1.50 Pronunciation

2B Reading 2b pg 18

2B Reading 2d pg 19

The rise of the shamans pg 23