The topic of this lesson is the environment.
The first half of the lesson begins with a quiz to see how
eco-guilty Sts are (e.g. feeling guilty when you leave the tap
running because you know it wastes water). The grammar
focus is on two tenses which will be new for most Sts: the
future perfect and future continuous.
In the second half of the lesson, Sts expand their weather
vocabulary by reading an article and going to a Vocabulary
Bank. The pronunciation focus is on combinations of
vowels which can be pronounced in different ways, e.g. ea
and oo. After listening to three people talking about their
experiences of extreme weather in the UK, Sts talk about
their own experiences. The lesson ends with the song,

4A 2.29 Grammar Bank

4A 2.30 Grammar Bank

4A 2.31 Vocabulary Bank

4A 2.32 Vocabulary Bank

4A 2.33 Vocabulary Bank

4A 2.34 Pronunciation

4A 2.35 Pronunciation

4A 2.36 Listening

4A Reading 1b pg 34

4A Reading 3b

SONG Heatwave

In this lesson, Sts expand their knowledge of future time
clauses and real conditionals, and see the variety of tenses
that can be used apart from the present simple and future
simple. The topic is risk.
In the first half, Sts listen to six people answering the
question Are you a risk taker? and they then interview
each other to find out if they too are risk takers. This is
followed by the grammar focus on conditionals, and
in Pronunciation, Sts have more practice with sentence
rhythm with conditionals.
In the second half of the lesson, Sts read an article from
The Sunday Times about therapy classes for drivers who
are addicted to speeding. This is followed by a listening on
the risks of driving. The vocabulary focus is on common
collocations with take (e.g. take a risk, take seriously), and
finally Sts go to the Writing Bank to focus on ‘For and
against’ essays.

4B 2.38 Listening

4B 2.39 Grammar Bank

4B 2.40 Grammar Bank

4B 2.41 Grammar Bank

4B 2.42 Pronunciation

4B 2.43 Pronunciation

4B 2.44 Listening

4B Reading pg- 40

3 + 4 R&C Reading – pg 43