The topic of this lesson is music and how it affects our

The first half of the lesson begins with a vocabulary and
pronunciation focus on common ‘borrowed’ words related
to music, e.g. cello, chofr, and ballet, and on other foreign
words which are used in English. This is followed by a
speaking activity where Sts talk about their musical tastes
and experiences. Sts then read an article from The Times
about a young American whose deafness was cured and
who was suddenly able to listen to music for the first time
in his life.

In the second half of the lesson, Sts listen to an interview
with a music psychologist, who explains why we listen to
music and how music can affect us emotionally. The lesson
continues with a grammar focus on the uses of gerunds
and infinitives. Sts revise the basic rules about when to use
a gerund or an infinitive after a verb and then learn about
certain verbs (e.g. remember, tJy) which can be followed by
either a gerund or infinitive, but with a change in meaning.
The lessons finishes with the song, Sing.

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The context of this lesson is several different angles
on sleep.
At the start of the first half of the lesson, Sts listen to three
people who all have some kind of sleep problem and they
then talk about their own experiences. Sentences taken
from the listening provide the context for the grammar
presentation, which revises the use of used to to talk about
repeated past actions, and introduces be used to and Bet
used to (doing something) to talk about actions or activities
which have become, or are becoming, familiar. The
Pronunciation focus is on sentence stress and linking. Sts
then read an article about how video games help people
control their dreams, followed by two more articles, which
they read separately, and tell each other about, on some
other unusual aspects of sleep.
In the second half of the lesson, Sts listen to a radio
programme in which they hear about an ex-chef who cooks
while sleepwalking. They also hear an expert talking about
sleepwalking. The lesson finishes with a vocabulary focus
on sleep (e.g. ove1’sleep, j et laBBed) and a speaking activity to
recycle the new lexis.

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