In this lesson, the general topic is crime.
In the first half, there is a reading and listening which give
practical tips on how to avoid being robbed in the street
and on how to protect your house from being burgled. Sts
then expand their crime and punishment vocabulary. The
pronunciation focus is on the different pronunciations
of the letter u. The first half finishes with Sts talking
about crime and punishment in their country and a Mini
Grammar focus on have somethinB done.
In the second half of the lesson, crime provides a natural
context for the revision of passive forms and Sts also learn
how to use the structure it is said that. .. /he is said to …
They then read an article about the problems caused by
the illegal downloading of music. Sts then discuss whether
certain activities are illegal or not. The lesson finishes with
Sts writing a magazine article expressing their opinion on
the legality of downloading music or squatters’ rights.

8A Reading 1b

8A 4.30 Listening

8A 4.31 Vocabulary

8A 4.32 Vocabulary Bank

8A 4.33 Vocabulary Bank

8A 4.34 Pronunciation

8A 4.35 Grammar

8A 4.36 Grammar Bank

8A Reading 6b

8A 4.37 Grammar Bank

8A Mini Grammar – pg 75

8B 4.38 Listening

8B 4.39 Grammar Bank

8B 4.40 Pronunciation

8B 4.41 Pronunciation

8B 4.42 Pronunciation

8B Reading

8B 4.43 Vocabulary Bank

8B 4.44 Vocabulary Bank

8B 4.45 Vocabulary Bank

8B 4.46 Listening

News of the World – Song

7 + 8 R&C Reading – Who murdered Jill Dando?