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The theme oi this lesson is modern icons, both people and objects.The first halt of the lesson focusses on Steve jobs, the co-founder ot Apple, the computer company.This context is used to revise and extend Sts’ knowledge of relative clauses. The new grammar (non-defining clauses) is consolidated in a writing activity about Pvlark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook.

The second half of the lesson focusses on great British design icons such as the London Tube map. Sts listen to information about several of these icons and how thev were invented. They then talk about iconic people and objects they admire. The lexical and pronunciation focus is on compound nouns and is followed by a vocabulary race revising compounds nouns that have been learnt earlier in the book. The lesson finishes with a song. Greatest Love of All

10A Reading

10A 5.28 Reading 1b

10A 5.29 Grammar Bank

10A 5.30 Grammar Bank

10A 5.31 Listening

10A 5.32 Vocabulary

The topic of this lesson is murder mysteries; first, the true story of Jack the Ripper and a crime writer’s theory as to who he wife, and then a well-known short story b\ Graham G recite.

The lesson begins with a vocabulary focus on words and phrases related to crime. Then Sts activate the new vocabulary by completing the gaps in an article about Jack the Ripper and a new theory as to his identity, In Listening Sts listen to an expert on Jack the Ripper giving his opinion about a new theory, Grammar focusses on question tags, which are further practised in Pronunciation and Speaking.

In the second half of the lesson, Sts read and are questioned till the first part of the Graham Greene short story The Case- far the Defence and then listen and answer questions on the second part.

If you would like to end the last lesson without the book, there is a Communicative revision photocop Sable, activity onp. J95 (instructions pJ70),

10B 5.34 Vocabulary

10B 5.35 Listening

10B 5.36 Listening

10B 5.37 Grammar

10B 5.38 Grammar Bank

10B 5.39 Pronunciation

10B 5.40 Pronunciation

10B 5.41 Reading

10B 5.42 Reading

9+10 R&C Reading


Short films The Hound of the Baskervilles