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This lesson presents the third conditional in the context
of two di different aspects of luck. The lesson begins with
reading and peaking activities based on three true stories
about occaions in which a lucky meeting with a stranger
changed people’s lives. Extracts from the stories provide
an introduction to the grammar. Which i then further
practised in pronunciation, which focusses on the stress
patterns in third conditionals.
The second half of the lesson opens with a speaking activity
where Sts discuss various quotes about luck and how lucky
or unlucky they consider themselves to be. They then read
and listen to a review of a book by, Malcolin Gladwell called
Outliers, in which the author explains why certain people
are succesful, concluding that luck is an irnportant factor.
There is then a vocabulary focus on adjective and adverb
formation , and this is consolidated through a writing game.
The lesson ends wirh the song Karma.

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