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The topic of this lesson is the cinema. The lesson begins with a reading text about locations in the UK and USA where famous films and TV series have been shot. This provides the context for revision and extension of the passive forms which are then focussed on in Pronunciation.

In the second half of the lesson, cinema vocabulary is presented and then put into practice in a questionnaire where Sts talk about their own cinema preferences and experiences. Then Sts listen to the true story of a young student who, by chance (and because of her excellent English), got to work for a world-famous film director. Finally, in Writing, Sts write a review of a film.

6A Reading

6A 3.31 Grammar Bank

6A 3.32 Pronunciation

6A 3.33 Vocabulary Bank

6A 3.34 Vocabulary Bank

6A 3.35 Vocabulary Bank

6A 3.36 Listening

6A 3.37 Listening

“The overall topic of this lesson is the image that people
choose to give of thenselves to the world and how we tend
to judge people at first sight according to their appearance.
The lesson begins with a reading text about how people
choose their profile photos on social not working sites
according to the image they wish to project to their
friends and family. This is followed by vocabulary which
focusses on the body, and verbs related ro parts of the body
like touch and point. Pronunciation looks at diphthongs
(combinations of two vowel sounds) and the first half of the
lesson finishes with a song T Got Life.
In the second half of the lesson, the gram1nar of n1odals
of deduction is presented through the context of making
deductions about people based only on their physical
appearance. This topic is further developed in Listening
and Reading where Sts listen and read about two situations
where an erroneous deduction was made through judging
someone purely by their appearance. The lesson finishes
with a short related speaking activity.

6B Reading 1

6B 3.38 Vocabulary

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6B 3.40 Vocabulary Bank

6B 3.41 Pronunciation

6B 3.42 Pronunciation

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6B 3.46 Grammar Bank

6B 3.47 Listening

6B 3.48 Listening

6B Reading 6


Short films Iconic film locations
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