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This lesson is about education and provides two different
angles on the topic. The lesson begins with a vocabulary
focus ‘which revises and extends Sts’ knowvledge of
vocabulary related to education. This is followed by a
pronunciation focus on the letter u, and a speaking activity
where Sts talk about their Own education. Sts then read and
listen to the account of a televised educational experirnent
where a well-known TV personality, who is a choirtmaster
and educator, went into a primary school for a term and
attempted to improve the literacy level of the boys. Sts then
have a debate on various topic related to education.
In the second half of the lesson, the grammar, first
conditional sentences and future rime clauses, when, until.
etc ., is presented through the context of exams. Sts then
read and discuss an article about a book called Battle Hymn
of the ‘Tiger Mother, which describes a controversial way of
educating girls.

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T he topic of t his lesson is people’s ho1nes. In the fi rst half
of the lesson the gran1mar, the second conditional, is
presented through a blog post where young people who
are living with their parents say whether they would like
to leave and live independently or not. This is followed
by a pronunciation focus on sentence stress and rhythm,
and oral practice of the second conditional. There is then
a vocabulary focus on lexis related to houses and where
people Iive.
In the second half of the lesson Sts read and listen to an
audio guide about Tchaikovsky’s house, and focus on some
morre house-related vocabulary. They then listen to some
architecture students describing their ideal house and
describe their own dream houses. The lesson ends with
witing, ‘”here Sts write a description of their house or flat
for a house rental website, and wi th the song if I Could Build
My Whole world Around You .

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