Edward; Would you like to have a beer?

Carlos :         Yes, please.

Chris :            Well, I’d rather have orange juice. Would you mind bringing me some?

Edward:       Of course not! What else would you like?

Carlos :         Nothing else, thank you. The weather is nice here. Is it always like this at this time of

the year?

Edward:       Yes, it generally is, but by the end of the year it is much colder.

Chris :           How long do you expect to stay here?                                                              .

Carlos :         I’m planning to stay here for about two weeks. Unfortunately, I have to go back soon

this time.

Chris :    May I ask what you do in Brazil?

Carlos:     I’m studying law. I like it very  much, and  I  intend  to be a successful lawyer one

day. How about you, Chris?

Chris :            I work as an executive secretary in a big company.

Edward:       What are you going to do tomorrow night, Chris?

Chris:             I have no plans for tomorrow.

Edward:        I’m planning a welcome party for Carlos. Wouldn’t you like to come?

Chris :            Yes, thank you. At what time should I drop by?

Edward: Say, around eight o’clock.

Chris:             Okay. See you tomorrow, then. Carlos, glad to have  met you.

Carlos:           I’m pleased to have met you too.