The Reading / Listening – Snack Tax – Level 1

The UK wants people to eat more healthily. It asked a food expert for some ideas. The expert created the National Food Strategy. He showed it to the government. He has two main ideas. One is to tax food with salt and sugar. The media called this a “snack tax”. The second one is to give poorer people free vegetables. The expert said what we eat is doing “terrible damage” to the environment and our health. Poor diets kill people and put pressure on hospitals.

The UK’s leader is not happy with the strategy. It could increase the price of snack food by up to 13 per cent. He does not want to put “extra taxes on hard-working people”. He said the best way to fight obesity was to exercise and eat less junk food. The expert said good leadership from government could “change the system so it makes both us and the planet healthier”. He added that the country had to build a better food system “for our children and grandchildren”.