Talk about the happiest situation in your life.

Happiness is the one feeling that can shape our lives. When a person is happy he or she is more likely to take better decisions and do right things with his or her life rather than comparing it to the time when he or she is not so excited about his or project. This time we are looking at the IELTS cue card that talks about the happiest situation in the life of an individual.

Talk about the happiest situation in your life.

You should say –

  • What was the situation?
  • When did it happen?
  • What landed you in the situation?
  • Explain, how do you feel about it?
Sample answer

There have been many times I have felt happy about my life, but if I had to talk about the happiest situation, it was when I got placed in a leading company. It was after a lot of perseverance that I landed myself into the company. I joined around three years back and it has been an amazing ride since I have joined the company.

Actually, I consider myself to be a hard-working individual, and I have proved it time and again. One day my seniors organised a meeting with all the associates and told us about a very difficult assignment which needed to be worked upon for a client. We received different task allocations and started working upon them. After poring into the data and figuring out the solutions, I finished my work and submitted it. I then proceeded to help my colleagues and played my part in finishing the project before the deadline. During all this time, our seniors kept a close eye on our individual progress.

Now at the next meeting, we were told that our work was good and the client appreciated our efforts. My manager called me over and proceeded to announce that everyone was pleased by my exceptional work ethics, and they have decided to promote me as a team leader. My joy knew no bounds at that moment and I thanked everyone profusely. I felt satisfied knowing that my efforts helped me achieve success. It is indeed a great feeling when your endeavor pays off with such results.

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