The Reading / Listening – Babies – Level 2

The world’s smallest baby left hospital after 13 months. Yu Xuan weighed 212 grams and measured 24 centimeters when she was born in Singapore on June the 9th, 2020. She was born prematurely at around 25 weeks. The standard is 40 weeks. Doctors gave her a “limited chance of survival”. They did everything they could to help Yu Xuan. They said: “We are happy for the little fighter and her family, and proud of the care provided by our team. Our best wishes to little Yu Xuan as she continues to grow, thrive and beat the odds every day.”

Yu Xuan’s mother thanked staff for helping her daughter. She said: “We are very grateful to the doctors and nurses…for the attentive and wonderful medical care and treatment of Yu Xuan.” There is a long journey ahead for Yu Xuan. She has a serious lung disease and other medical problems. She has a special machine at home to help her breathe. Her doctors said she would slowly get better. They added: “She has inspired people around her with her perseverance.” They called her “an extraordinary ‘Covid-19’ baby” and “a ray of hope”.