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The topic of this lesson is survival.

In the first half, Sts talk about how they think they would
react in an emergency situation and they read an extract
from a book called The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood
about people’s reactions to disasters. The vocabulary focus is
on feelings, e.g. devastated, stunned, etc., and Pronunciation
looks at word stress in 3- or 4-syllable adjectives.
The second half of the lesson is based on the true story,
later made into a documentary for Discovery TV, about
three young backpackers and their guide who got lost in
the Amazon jungle. Sts read and listen to the story. The
grammar focus is on unreal conditionals, i.e. second
and third conditionals. Sts should have seen both these
structures before, but will still need practice in using them,
especially third conditionals. Finally, Sts go to the Writing
Bank and focus on writing an article.

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5A Reading 1b – pg 45

5A Reading 4b – pg 46

The topics in this lesson are things that annoy us in our
daily lives (e.g. a sister borrowing clothes without asking)
and regrets we have about the present and the past. They
provide the context for Sts to learn to use I wish …. To make
it easier for Sts to assimilate the grammar it has been split
into two separate presentations and so there are two visits
to the Grammar Bank in this lesson. This is quite a tricky
grammar point, so do not expect your Sts to assimilate how
it is used immediately.
The first half of the lesson starts with the grammar focus
on the construction I wish .. . to express annoyance (I wish
my sister wouldn’t borrow my clothes). This is followed
by a vocabulary and speaking focus on different ways
of expressing feelings, with a verb or with an -ed or -in.B
adjective, e.g. It annoys me/ I’m annoyed/ It’s annoyinBIn
the second half of the lesson, Sts read about some
people’s regrets and then guess what most people’s top
five regrets are. Then there is a grammar focus on ways to
express present and past regrets (I wish I were taller, I wish
I hadn’t said that). The pronunciation focus is on sentence
rhythm. In the listening activity, Sts listen to people talking
about things they regret, before talking about their own
regrets. Finally, Sts listen to the song, Same Mistake.

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5B Reading 3b -pg50

5B Reading 3d – pg 50