Interviewer You do a lot of collaborations with other musicians. What is it that appeals to you about working like that?
Eliza I like working with other-I don’t like working alone. I don’t know if that’s because I don’t trust myself or I just don’t like being alone; I like being surrounded by a big crowd of people. I suppose that’s, that’s partly to do with my upbringing, there were always so many people around, that, um, I, I’m at my best, I’m at my best in a, in a large event where loads of people are running around doing things and we’re all sort of collaborating with each other and there’s lots of ideas and everyone’s having, you know, a creative time, and that’s how I feel- yeah, that’s how I feel I,I work best, and that’s why at the moment I have a 13-piece band and it’s just heaven for me being with so many people and just feeling like a part of a big machine, I love that.
I Is there a difference between playing with your family and playing with other people?
E Um, yes, very much so. I’m not sure if I could tell you how different or why it’s different. My dad is very eloquent on how and why it’s different and he, he knows that uniquely because he joined The Watersons, and The Watersons was, was a brother and two sisters, and he joined that, and of course he was married to my mum, but he wasn’t related to her. And there is this thing within family groups, this blood harmony thing, this intuition, you have similar sounding voices, you know where a relative is going to go, and that may be because you know each other so well, but it also may be whatever it is that binds a family together anyway.
I WouId you like your children to follow in your footsteps?
E I get very, very excited when the children, um, when the children love music, I get very excited. My daughter Florence is very, very sharp, she listens and she can already-she plays Twinkle, Twinkle on the violin, plucking like that, and on the guitar as well, and she’s- yeah, she has a very, very good sense of rhythm. And she loves foreign languages as well, there’s a real, um, there’s a real sort of correlation there between, between language and singing, she has great pitch, she is able to learn songs and things very, very quickly, and I love that. And Isabella, my youngest as well, she’s really, she’s really showing interest in it and I love it when they do that. As to whether or not I’d want them to be touring musicians, I think I’m probably of the same opinion as my mother, which is, ‘No, not really!’ But, you know’, I, I think the-I think the world is changing anyway, I don’t know how’ many touring musicians there are going to be in the world in 20 years when they’re ready, I don’t know.