The Reading / Listening – Nuclear Fusion – Level 5

There has been an endless search to find sustainable energy sources. One source that has thus far eluded scientists is nuclear fusion. Generations of physicists have tried for many years to copy this reaction. Scientists in the USA say they recreated the power of the Sun for a fraction of a second. Powerful lasers blasted a tiny target to create a reaction that lasted just 100 trillionths of a second. It created 10 quadrillion watts of power. The power the scientists created is the equivalent of 6 per cent of all the energy from the Sun hitting Earth at any given moment.

Nuclear fusion powers the Sun. The website said it is “a long-sought-after panacea” for energy and environmental challenges. Nuclear fusion could provide infinite, safe, clean and green power. It could also reverse environmental damage. Physicist Dr Debbie Callahan spoke about the breakthrough. She said it is a “huge advance” and a big step toward generating “a net-positive amount of energy”. said: “The promise is as lucrative as it has ever been – an infinite supply of carbon-neutral energy without ever running the risk of a nuclear meltdown.”