=Jenny, R = Rob
J My name's Jenny Zielinski. And New York is my city. I live
here and I work for a magazine, NewYork24seven.
R My name's Rob Walker. I'm a writer on NewYork24seven.
You can probably tell from my accent that I'm not actually
from New York. I'm British, and I came over to the States a
few mont hs ago.
J I met Rob in London when I was visiting the UK on a work
trip. He was writing for the London edition of 24seven. We
got along well right away. I really liked him.
R So why am I in New York? Because of Jenny, of course.
When they gave me the opportunity to work here for a
month, I took it immediately. It gave us the chance to
get to know each other better.When they offered me a
permanent job I couldn't believe it!
J I helped Rob find an apartment. And now here we are.
Together in New York. I'm so happy. I just hope Rob's happy
here, too.
R I really loved living in London. A lot of my friends and family
are there, so of course I still miss it. But New York's a
fantastic city. I've got a great job and Jenny's here too.
J Things are changing pretty fast in the office. We have
a new boss, Don Taylor. And things are changing in my
personal life, too. This evening's kind of important. I'm
taking Rob to meet my parents for the very first time. I just
hope it goes well'