= Jenny, R = Rob, H = Harry, S = Sally J I can’t believe we got here so late. R I’m sorry, Jenny. I had to f inish t hat article for Don. J Don’t forget the chocolates. R OK … Oh no! J I don’t believe it. Don’t tell me you forgot them? R I t hink they’re still on my desk. J You’re kidding. R You know what my desk’s like. J … Yeah, it ‘s a complete 1ness. Why don’t you ever tidy it? R We could go and buy some more. J How can we get some more? We’re already lat e! … Hi there I H You made it ! J Sorry we’re lat e. So, this is my mom and dad, Harry and Sally. And this, of course, is Rob. R Hello. S It’s so nice to meet you at last. H Yes, Jenny’s finally decided to introduce you to us. S Come in, come in! J Mom, I’m really sorry – we bought you some chocolat es, but we left them at the office. S What a pity. Never mind. H Yeah, don’t worry about it. We know what a busy young woman you are. And your mom has made vay too much food for this evening anyway. S Oh, Harry! J But I also have some good news. S Really? What’s that? J Well, you know we have a new boss? He’s still new to the job and needs support, so t oday he made me the Managing Editor of t he magazine. S So you’ve got a promotion? How fantasticl H That’s great news! Hey, does that mean Jenny’s going to be your boss, Rob? R Er … yes, I guess so. J Well, not exact ly. I’m a manager, but I’m not Rob’s manager. S Let ‘s go and have dinner. J What a great idea!