J =Jenny, R = Rob, H = Harry, 5 = Sally H You know, our Jenny has done incredibly well, Rob. She”s t he first member of our family to study at Harvard. She’s a very capable and ambit ious young woman. J Oh, Dad. R No, it’s t rue, Jenny. H But what about you, Rob? How do you see your career? Do you see yourself going into management? R Me? No. Not really. I’m more of a … a writer. H Really? What kind of t hings do you write? R Umm, you know, intervievvs, reviews … things like t hat. .. and I’m doing a lot of work for the online magazine … J Rob’s a very talented writer, Dad. He’s very creative. H That’s great, but being creat ive doesn’t always pay t he bills. J You know, my dad’s a very keen photographer. He took all of these photos. H Oh, Rob won’t be interested in t hose. R But I am interested. I mean. I like photography. And I think I recognize some of these people. H That’s because most of t hem are of Jenny. R But there are some great jazz musicians, too … That’s Miles Davis … and isn’t t hat John Colt rane? And that’s Wynton Marsalis. H You know about Wynton Marsalis? R Know about him? I’ve interviewed him! H How incredible! I love that guy. He’s a hero of mine. R Well, he’s a really nice guy. I spent a whole day with him, chat ting and watching him rehearse. H Really? I want to hear all about it . 5 Have a cookie, Rob. H Go ahead, son! Sally makes the best cookies in New York!