Describe your study room.
You must say –
– How it looks?
– How much time you spend in this room?
– How an ideal study room should be?
and give details of your study room?

My study room and living room is the same one and I spend most of my time in this room whenever I am home. It is the largest room of our house and is underground, making it the coolest room of our house. There is a large window in front which gives the city view. The study table is placed in line with the window. The table is very special to me as it was made by my father for me and is quite spacious. To the right of it, is the computer and other hardware and the rest of the space has been devoted to study.

There are three bookshelves that I have, with two having novels and other story books while one has academic books. I prefer reading on desk and make sure that when I sit down to study, I am devoted towards it.

An ideal study room for me would be one with shelves of books surrounding me and a big study table, with lamp and a comfortable chair in between. So, basically it should have lots of books with a don’t disturb be sign outside the door. Because I really don’t like people disturbing while studying. Adding to my fantasy, I would say, may be study room in which no one except me is allowed. Apart from the desk there be a cushy chair, in which I can sit whenever I feel like.