Describe one of your childhood memory –
You should say –
– What is it?
– When it happened?
– How it affected your life?

Explain why you still remember it?

Childhood is the most amazing stage, I believe, because you can do a lot mischiefs and people just overlook them. I have been a very mischievous kind of a girl childhood days. I remember, my mother had a beautiful garden and she was in love with her plants and flowers, like she is now That day, my uncle came for lunch and she was busy with hosting. My younger brother and I were playing in the garden and suddenly a beautiful flower caught my attention.

I don’t know but I just plucked it and my mother saw us doing it. She left all her work and came furiously running towards us. On top of my voice I said run and we both ran and our mother came towards us. Then came a sort of divider and we had to go across it. But, my little brother, who was a child, may be three or four years could not jump. My mother took hold of him and thrashed him badly for plucking the flower and I just ran away and came in the evening, by the time which the matter was solved.

I still remember it, because may be, people have told it to us many times and I also remembered a part of it. It didn’t affected much of my life but it is always fun to talk about it to my younger brother and tease him.