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The topic of this lesson is sport. The lesson begins with a vocabulary focus on words and phrases connected with sport and then a pronunciation focus on two vowel sounds, which Sts often have problems with,

Sts then have a speaking activity about sport, which caters for both Sts who like and do sport, and those that do not. This is followed by a reading about the superstitions that many sportspeople have.

The angle in the second half of the lesson is cheating in sport. Sts listen to an interview with a football referee, and then the grammar, narrative tenses (past simple, past continuous, and past perfect), is presented through stories about famous cheats. Sts then practise telling anecdotes, and the lesson ends with a writing focus on stories, and the song We Are the Champions.

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5A Reading

Different kinds of relationships provide the main theme for this lesson. It begins with a newspaper article about a couple who met in an unusual place. Sts then listen to four more people talking about where they met their partners, and extracts from the listening provide a lead-in to the grammar, which revises and consolidates the use of used to for past habits and states, and contrasts it with the way we express present habits. The pronunciation focus is on linking in fast speech, with a special focus on the pronunciation of used to, and this is followed by a controlled oral grammar practice stage.

The angle of the second half of the lesson is social networks. It begins with a vocabulary focus on words and phrases related to relationships and is followed by a pronunciation focus on the different ways the letter s can be pronounced. Sts then listen to a radio programme where people talk about friendships on Facebook, and the lesson ends with a speaking activity where Sts discuss various aspects of friendship.

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INTERMEDIATE – 5 – Quick Test