Describe an experience about moving to a new house/school

Describe an experience about moving to a new house/school.
You should say:

  • When and How did it happen?
  • What were your reactions?
  • What benefits/drawbacks did you experience after shifting?

And how was your overall experience.

Sample Answer :

Generally, many people have this break when they need to shift either from their school or home or both, may be. Shift from a place to another has definite psychological implications. Our family too, shifted from our old home to a new place, that was to become our new home. At that time, back in 2006, I was pursuing my first year of graduation. Our home was very old and with the rapid urbanization over the time, it became the centre of a huzzbuzz intersection of crossroads. Now, although the location became costlier in commercial sense, but it was misfit for a peaceful housing ambience. So, my father decided to shift to a new house in an ideal residential society.

I was born and brought up in our old home. All my childhood memories were encapsulated in those boundaries. Therefore, I felt a terrific nostalgic rush inside me while leaving. I could see the moments afloat, in those airs. Although the surroundings were very noisy and crowded but it was difficult to shed that inertia of accustomization. But then, there was that curiosity factor too, anxious to see and live in our new home. My father purchased a brand new home in a serene surroundings. So, along with, the thought of living there was making me curiously happy.

There were major noticeable advantages in our new home. Ample of parking space in front, calm peaceful green surroundings, good parks for the children nearby, school and hospital in proximity and that aromatic smell of fresh paints on the newly built strong walls of our new home were some of the benefits of shifting in the new house.

Needless to say, old memories lingered in our minds for quite some time. But since we retained our past property too, so we could go anytime to see that antiquity. Moreover, we started feeling good in the comforts of our new home. So, overall, it was a nice experience of shifting.

Encapsulateput inside a capsule: No single book can encapsulate the whole concept.
Nostalgicsentimental, lonesome: Old memories evoke a strong nostalgia.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Has shifting process increased over the time? If yes, then state why?

Sample answer: Yes, shifting from one place to another has increased substantially over the past few years. I think with the rapid urbanization, nucleus centres for work and commerce have developed in a concentrated manner. Due to this, migration has increased which leads to shifting of schools and houses.

Q. 2 Does it take time to get accustomed to new place?

Sample answer: Although, in this digital era, strict heterogeneity among cultures and lifestyles is disappearing. All the basic amenities and patterned lifestyle is a common thing to be seen everywhere. But, still, there are some initial hesitations and strangeness about a new place which have to be dealt with. For e.g.: it might take some time to freely converse in a different language at a different place.

Q. 3 What are the problems faced by children in shifting school?

Sample answer: Changing school comes as an abrupt interruption not only in academic cycle but in the overall social conditioning process. School is a major socializing agent. A child who has been gravitated in a particular company of teachers and friends, may find it difficult to assimilate in a different environment. It will take time for him to develop that awareness and friendliness of the new surroundings.

Q. 4 How should one think about the change, in general?

Sample answer: Change is the basic nature of us and our universe. It cannot be stopped. Therefore, they say ’ Change is the only thing that never changes’. So, one should be willing to embrace the change in a happy manner. Initially, we might feel that change breaks our already established posture or flow but eventually, change is always for good.