Episode 1: Meet your Teachers

Gabby: In today’s episode, we are going to naturally introduce ourselves and you’ll be able to pick up some phrases that we use in everyday conversation when you want to introduce yourself.
Gabby: Hey Lindsay, how (are you) you doin? (doing)
Lindsay: Hey Gabby, how are you? I’m doing pretty well.
Gabby: Good. Good. Well, I’m excited to have this first episode with you and to be able to introduce ourselves to, to you all, our listeners. Um, so I think the first thing we want to do is just tell you a little bit about ourselves and what we do with (the) English language. So um, Lindsay is a really experienced English language instructor and and expert in culture, but I wanna (want to) let you talk about yourself a little bit. Tell us more about what you do.

Lindsay: Okay, so I teach English. I help my students to feel more comfortable just at work and at school, and I just think it’s, you know, it’s, it’s tough when you come here to the US and all of a sudden, you have to perform, you know, at work and you’re under a lot of pressure. So I really try to partner with them and help them to feel more confident. Um, I love it. I love teaching. I love connecting with people. And I love helping people develop themselves. How ‘bout (about) you? What do you do Gabby?
Gabby: Well, I work with mostly university students or international students who are hoping to become international students. So I help a lot of uh, foreign students or international students who are applying to college and I help them fill out their applications and develop their essays and to improve their English to have that level to be able to enter an undergrad or a graduate program in the US.
Lindsay: Awesome.
Gabby: That’s, that’s my main focus and along with that, I help students adjust to life in the US and see, you know, how the education system might be different here, but I actually work in an university and I also work with students outside the university who uh, need some private tutoring or need some help with their school work. So I…
Lindsay: Cool. Cool.
Gabby: …I really enjoy it. Yeah.
Lindsay: So you help them get ready to kind of move into that academic space and kind of really start moving toward their dreams, right?
Gabby: Absolutely. Yeah. I – personally, I feel like education is the key to freedom, so I really wanna (want to) help people just achieve their, their dreams and…
Lindsay: For sure.
Gabby: …achieve that freedom.
Lindsay: Awesome. Awesome.

Gabby: Yeah.
Lindsay: And so what do you do on the weekends? I mean you don’t work all the time, do you?
Gabby: On the weekends — I make podcasts with you.
Lindsay: Yeah, of course. Aside from that.
Gabby: Um, well besides teaching, my passions are to be really active. I like to dance. I like to swim, bike, and I don’t like to run, but I’m getting into running…
Lindsay: Ah! Interesting.
Gabby: …as an exercise. Yeah.
Lindsay: Ah! Cool, cool.
Gabby: How ‘bout (about) you?
Lindsay: I also like to get active. I try to go running in the morning sometimes. Um, I used to do a lot of traveling. These days I’m not traveling so much anymore.
Gabby: That’s right.
Lindsay: You know I wanna – I need to get back out there. I’d love to go to India.
Gabby: Oh, wonderful.
Lindsay: Someday. I’m not sure when that’s gonna (going to) happen.
Gabby: Well you have traveled a lot in, in the past and so, I’m sure you’ll make it happen in the near future.
Lindsay: I hope so. Yes. Where do you wanna (want to) go next?
Gabby: I think my next dream trip would be, be somewhere like Turkey.
Lindsay: Oh interesting.
Gabby: Um, or Thailand.

Lindsay: Yes, you should definitely go to Thailand.
Gabby: A country starting with ‘T’.
Lindsay: Tanzania, maybe?
Gabby: Yes.
Lindsay: Okay. All right.
Gabby: Yes. So yeah and I love to travel as well. I think it opens your eyes a lot so and that’s the good thing about being, uh, in education because working with international students, you can kind of see different cultures and different countries in your classroom. And although you’re not traveling, it’s just really cool. It’s, it’s like you’re traveling through your students.
Lindsay: Yeah, you feel like you’re traveling sometimes. I love that. You’re always challenged and it’s just such a cool field to be in.
Gabby: Mm-hm.
Lindsay: Yeah.
Gabby: Mm-hm. Yeah.
Lindsay: All right.
Gabby: So cool. So yeah we’re both English teachers and we’re here making this podcast to help out, uh, you all. You know, our students near and far. So uh, so yeah. That’s who we are.
Lindsay: Yeah, we’re just here to help you start to just get comfortable with real English. We really wanna (want to) help you, you know, to feel that sense of intimacy with the language.
Gabby: Mm-hm.
Lindsay: So we’re here for you.
Gabby: Absolutely.
Lindsay: All right.