Tell about a recent event that made you happy.

Tell about a recent event that made you happy.

  • What was the event?
  • When and where that event took place?
  • Why it made you happy?
Sample Answer

Happiness is a feeling of contentment which is characterised by a sense of well-being. To be happy, we have to struggle in order to fulfil our needs at different stages of life. Moreover, achieving something after many attempts and failures, we truly understand the meaning of real happiness.

I belong to Delhi and I completed my post-graduation in Business Administration six months ago. Since I was not willing to leave my parents alone, I was looking for a suitable job in Delhi only. In spite of being a topper, I was unable to get through any interview after trying for almost 5 months. Alongside the campus interviews, I was also applying in different companies. Most of my batch mates were already got placed through campus placement. So, the level of my stress and anxiety was increasing day by day. I wanted to make my parents feel proud of me by fulfilling their expectations. In the process of job hunting, one thing I had realised that getting a job is not as simple as it seems

Finally, on September 1st, this year, I got an interview call from a renowned multinational company based in Delhi. I gathered all my confidence and courage to face that interview. I was ready to focus more on the performance rather than the result. Hence, I was determined to give my best in the interview no matter what. After facing different rounds of interview, I was finally selected for my dream job. To my surprise, the salary offered to me was beyond my expectations. My happiness knew no bounds and tears started rolling down my eyes. I thanked God and my parents for the same.

This event is the happiest and unforgettable moment of my life. It has taught me a lesson for the lifetime that we should never give up and keep trying to achieve our goals in life.

Another Similar Cue Card

Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully.

  • What was that event and where did it take place?
  • How did you prepare for it and who else helped you?
  • Was it your first time for organizing such event?

And what was your experience about it.


Event management is altogether a discipline which requires you to be dexterous in certain skills set. Time management, schedule and sequence of different programmes in that event, content refinement and diffusion of a spirit of harmony and excellence; are some of the pivotal ingredients of event organization. For me, it was the farewell party at school, that opportunitised me with its organization. I was at school in eleventh class and we, the penultimate class was responsible for the farewell party to passing outs. I was assigned by our class teacher to supervise and manage the whole arrangements.

Although, I was a little docile in my schooldays, but as soon as my teacher asked me to undertake the farewell party, I was an instantaneous volunteer. May be the task of responsibility was a driver of my happiness and contention, so I readily prompted. One of my girl classmates was assisting me in this. We had to arrange the snacks and dinner, good music rolls, speech/sitting arrangements, floral/ribbon decorations and mementos to be awarded to final year students. Most of it was arranged from within the school including the food that was catered by our mess people. I prepared the itinerary of events with a proper layout.

This was my maiden attempt at organizing an event. Therefore, I was a little anxious too. My prominent worry was about electric supply disruption as we did not arrange a generator for the party. It was as per the teacher’s discretion. But fortunately, we didn’t meet any such hiccup.

It was a fine learning experience for me. Putting things at a right place at right time is an art of management, that I learnt from it. It boosted my spirits for taking initiatives in life too. Letting your own organized event happen in front of you successfully gave me a sense of accomplishment, a sense of satisfaction.


Dexterityskill: Circus artists have dexterity in their events.
Docilesubmissive: Soldiers are instructed to be docile to the officers‘ orders.
Itineraryplanned route: Having an itinerary for an event is a part of organization.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 What are the benefits of organizing yourselves?

Sample answer: Organization in our lives helps us to keep the things in a proper order that helps us to bring efficiency in our processes. For e.g.: Govt functions through the mechanism of organizations which help in keeping the functions smooth and better. Without social organization, there will be total chaos everywhere.

Q. 2 How should parents teach their children to be organized?

Sample answer: Through inculcation of discipline and good habits in children, parents can teach the children to be organized. For e.g.: a child should be taught to keep his stationery and bed neat and orderly arranged. One should brush his teeth before sleep. Such kind of routine activities can infuse the pattern of organization in children.

Q. 3 Are the events organized virtually on computer efficacious?

Sample answer: Indeed, virtual events save a lot of time and money utilized in organizing an event. Effectiveness of the event is a subjective concern. For e.g.: a physics class organized virtually may be less significant as compared to a discussion on a general agenda.