A place where it was easy for you to study.

  • Which is the place?
  • How much time do you study there?
  • Why do you like it?
Sample Answer

Every child studies in the school or college, tuitions, and at their homes. There are many places one can choose to study after class to learn and revise. I personally prefer to study indoors due to various reasons. The best place where I can study is a library.

There is a huge library near my house. The place is enormous and is divided into two separate reading halls that can accommodate more than five hundred people at a time. The library houses a large collection of books on every subject along with daily newspapers and magazines from all the leading publications. The building has a lot of amenities such as washrooms, air conditioning, soundproofed walls, and a cafeteria amongst other facilities. I visited here for the first time with my elder sister when I was in the eighth standard. After that, I became a regular visitor due to its close proximity and ease of access. It was the most favourable place for borrowing books and studying.

It offers an affordable membership renewable on a yearly basis. I have availed this membership and spend two hours each day in the library to finish my homework amongst other things. Not only do I complete my assignments and browse the internet, but also read the newspapers, novels and other works of fiction. I feel comfortable in studying here because of the ambience of the place. It is a very peaceful and quiet place with extensive study material. I can completely concentrate on my studies without being distracted by any sort of noises.

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