The topic of this lesson is control.

In the first half the angle of the topic is about control in education, and Sts find out through a listening about the QI phenomenon, a TV quiz programme and series of books based on principles which the authors think should be applied to education, e.g. giving children control over their learning. The pronunciation focus is on intonation and linking in exclamations such as How ridiculous!

The vocabulary focus is on word formation, adding prefixes to change the meaning of a word, e.g. bilingual, anti-smoking, etc.

The second half of the lesson focuses on the absurdity of some health and safety rules in the UK. Sts read a review of a book, In the Interests of Safety, which discusses rules which we should or shouldn’t have to follow nowadays. Sts then go into the grammar, which is on modal verbs and other expressions used to talk about permission, obligation, and necessity. They put the grammar into practice discussing the advantages or disadvantages of possible laws. The lesson ends with Sts writing a report.

7A 4.2 Listening & Speaking

7A 4.3 Listening & Speaking

7A 4.4 Pronunciation

7A Reading

7A 4.5 Vocabulary Bank

7A 4.6 Vocabulary Bank

7A Grammar Bank Be able to etc

7A Grammar Bank Mustn’t_Don’t have to

7A Grammar Bank Need

7A Grammar Bank Permission, obligation and necessity

In this lesson the topic is art.

In the first half of the lesson the focus is on installations and modern sculptures, things which many people find difficult to accept as art. Sts try to identify which photos show works of art and which ordinary objects, and then listen to an expert explaining which of the pieces are works of art, what they are trying to convey, and the best way to enjoy seeing them in a gallery. Then in the grammar focus Sts work on verbs of the senses and the structures which follow them. The pronunciation focus is on the letters -ure, which can be pronounce hi or Inal, e.g. sculpture, allure. The first half ends with Sts learning the words for six different kinds of art, discussing favourite works of art, artists, museums and art galleries, and images they have in their house or on their computer or phone.

In the second part of the lesson Sts read and listen to an article about a famous forger, Wolfgang Beltracchi, and how he and his wife managed to fool the art world. This leads into a speaking activity on fake items and Sts attitude towards buying something fake. In Vocabulary Sts look at some idioms with colours, e.g. out of the blue, and the lesson ends with a song about paintings. All the Rowboats.

7B 4.7 Listening & Speaking

7B 4.8 Listening & Speaking

7B 4.9 Grammar

7B 4.10 Pronunciation

7B 4.11 Reading & Listening

7B 4.12 Reading & Listening

7B 4.13 Reading & Listening

7B Grammar Bank Hear_See+Infinitive

7B Grammar Bank Look_Feel_Smell_Sound_Taste

7B Grammar Bank Seem

7B Grammar Bank Verbs of the senses