The topics of this lesson are on how to survive stressful life events and how to change your life for the better.

Sts begin bv doing a jigsaw reading. Both texts (one from the Guardian, one from wikiHow) give advice, one for a young adult living with parents and the other about coping with exam stress. Sts tell their partner about the tips suggested in their text and together they assess the usefulness of the tips. This leads to Sts writing some tips on a topic they have some experience of. The grammar focus is on the common pattern of verb + object + infinitive or gerund.

In the second half of the lesson Sts listen to an authentic TED talk about trying something new for 30 days. They then think of their own 30-dav challenge, study tips on giving a presentation, and present it in small groups. In Vocabulary and Pronunciation Sts extend their knowledge of compound adjectives and look at where to stress compounds as well as words with suffixes and prefixes.

6A Reading 1

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6A 3.29 Listening

6A 3.30 Vocabulary & Pronunciation

6A 3.31 Vocabulary & Pronunciation

The topic of this lesson is behavioural addictions and obsessions, such as being addicted to shopping. Alcohol or substance addiction have not been included as these may be sensitive or even taboo subjects in some teaching situations.

Sts begin by studying vocabulary related to phones and technology. This is followed by a pronunciation focus on the minimal pairs lad and /a/. Sts then read an article by a journalist who found himself without his mobile phone for an afternoon, and the effect this had on him. They then discuss the implications of dependence on mobile phones. The grammar focus revises conditional sentences, and introduces mixed conditionals and alternatives to if, such as supposing and provided that, etc.

In the second half of the lesson Sts do some work on dependent prepositions after adjectives, e.g. addicted to, hooked on. They then listen to an American doctor talking about addictions and how to deal with them. In Speaking Sts talk about themselves or people they know who have behavioural addictions. The writing section is about presenting a balanced argument in a discursive essay. The lesson ends with the song Under the Influence.

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6B Grammar Bank Alternatives to if

6B Grammar Bank Conditional sentences

6B Grammar Bank Conditional sentences

6B Grammar Bank Mixed conditionals