The topic of this lesson is time: how we try to save time through multitasking and why this may be less efficient than focusing on the present moment and one task at a time, and also how we feel about waiting.

In the first half of the lesson Sts begin by discussing multitasking. They then read two short extracts about time management. One of the extracts is about how multitasking, although possible, can be dangerous, whilst the other looks at a popular current trend in psychology called mindfulness – being aware of the present and what you are thinking and doing, which is thought to help people focus their attention more efficiently. Sts then listen to a well-known meditation exercise called ‘The Chocolate Meditation’, which gives them a practical experience of mindfulness. This listening will be even more enjoyable if you are able to bring in some small wrapped bars of chocolate to distribute to Sts before doing the listening, or ask them to bring in their own. This leads into the grammar focus of the lesson which is on distancing, i.e. using certain language (e.g. apparently, it seems, etc.) to ‘distance’ ourselves from information we are giving to others.

In the second half of the lesson Sts talk about things they hate waiting for and they listen to people complaining about waiting. They then learn expressions related to time and there is a pronunciation focus on short phrases where words are normally linked together. The lesson ends with Sts answering questions in a time questionnaire, which recvcles all the lexis.

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The topic of this lesson is money and materialism.

In the first half of the lesson Sts read an article called Do women really want to marry for money? where two women answer the question in different ways and then give theii own opinion on the subject. This leads into the grammar focus on special uses of the past tense after expressions like 1 wish, I would rather, etc. and Sts ask and answer some questions on past and present wishes. Finally, Sts listen to the song Material Girl.

The second half of the lesson starts with a lexical focus on words, phrases, and idioms related to money.

Sts then listen to an interview with Surita Gupta, the ex-vice-president of Women’s World Banking (W WB), who explains the WWB’s initiative to help women in developing countries escape from poverty by prov iding them with bank loans, allowing them to set up small businesses. Finally. Pronunciation looks at the difference between US and UK. accents.

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