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Short film Meet the students

Files 1&2
Meet the Students
Hello, I’m Alicia. Today I’m in Brighton.
Brighton is in the south of England. It’s on the coast. It’s a fantastic town and it’s famous for the Royal Pavilion, the pier, and the beach. But I’m not on holiday. I’m here to visit an English Language School.
This is the school. It’s a big school with about 350 students. Rike and Hyeongwoo are students at the school.
Hyeongwoo is 23 years old. He’s from Korea. He is a beginner student. His class is small, with only six students. His teacher is Stephen. He’s English. He’s very friendly and he’s a very good teacher.
Rike is 19 years old. She’s from Germany. She’s an intermediate student and her class is big, with 11 students. Her teacher is Laura. She’s English. She’s really nice and she’s a very good teacher, too.
When Rike and Hyeongwoo aren’t in class they’re in the computer room …or here in the canteen. In the evening they’re at home. Rike and Hyeongwoo live in a student house. It’s near the school. It’s a big house with five bedrooms, a kitchen, and a beautiful garden.
Brighton is great for students like Rike and Hyeongwoo. The people are friendly and the town is exciting and fun!