At the information desk:

Edward; Excuse me, please. Can you tell me why flight 202 from Rio is late?

Agent :        Sure. It took off late from Rio, but it will arrive soon. Wait, flight 202 has just landed.

Edward:       Thank you.

After some time Carlos arrives:

Edward: Welcome to the USA, Carlos! I can’t believe that after so many letters, cards and photos you’re really here.

Carlos :       Hello, Edward. How are you?

Edward:       Fine, thank you. How was the trip?

Carlos :       The trip was wonderful, although we took off late.

Edward:       Well, Carlos, this is my friend Chris.

Carlos:     How do you do?

Chris :     Pleased   to meet you.

Edward:       Where’s  your luggage?

Carlos:     There it   is. The porter is bringing it.

Chris :         Did you have any difficulty going through customs?

Carlos :       No, not at all. Although I think I’ve brought an awful lot of things for a short trip.

Chris: How long did it take you to fly from Rio to New York?

Carlos :       It took me over nine hours.

Chris: How far is it from Rio to New York?

Carlos :       It’s about 7,700 km, that is, 4,800 miles.

Edward:       Let’s go home. We can talk there.

Carlos :       Okay, let’s go.

Practice the dialogues below:

A: At what time will flight 202 land?

B: It’ll land at 9:00.

A: Where is it coming from?

B: It’s coming from Rio de Janeiro.

A: At what time will flight 209 take off

B: It’ll take off at 9:30.

A: Where is it going to?

B: It’s going to London.

How long does is take you to go to school?

  • How long does it take me / you to go to school?
  • It takes me / you twenty minutes to go to school.
  • How long did it take him / her to have lunch?
  • It took him / her half an hour to have lunch.
  • How long will it take it / us to paint the house?
  • It will take it / us three days to paint the house.
  • How long would it take you / them to finish the work?
  • It would take you / them a long time to finish the work.

A: Did you go to the bank?

B: Yes, I did.

A: How far is it from here?

B: It’s 10 km.

A: How long did it take you to go there?

B: It took me about 20 minutes.

A: Did you have any difficulty deposing the money?

B: No. not at all. or…

Listening Comprehension Practice